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  1. What types of websites can you design?
  2. BDG designs all types of websites, especially business developing website, which will helpful to glorify your business. Our services are not limited to develop any sort of site except the one which can ham the integrity of others.

  3. How will be the cost to design a website?
  4. It’s totally dependent on your order’s requirement. First we study the demands and needs of our every clientele than propose a relevant quotation to them. We have different packages that will help you to select which one is most preferable to you according to your budget.

  5. How many changes can I make to the website once I view the initial design concepts?
  6. We will send you the work for revision and reviewing process after that approval from you we will enable to do changes in it.

  7. Can I increase number of pages of content writing apart from your offered packages?
  8. Yes, Number of pages can increase according to your need, but for this you have to over pay.

  9. How much time you need to Delivery website Content?
  10. Basically the delivery of the every service from BGD is ensure at the given time period of completion of your project. But to keep away from mis commitments we need 48 hours to deliver your work.

  11. What if I don't like any of the initial logo concepts?
  12. You can request to take another revision or you have option to will our refund form, but first you should read out our refund policies.

  13. How many changes to the logo can I make?
  14. That’s depend on the on service package of BDG, some of the packages have option to review or revision your work many times, While other don’t allow us to give a chance to review the order again and again.

  15. Do I own the copyright of the design of my logo?
  16. Yup after the completion of the work, we will hand over it to you and will transfer all the rights of your logo or website. Then you don’t have to grant a permission to use it.

  17. Can you redo / improve my existing company logo/ Website?
  18. Yes, But for this we need your complete instructions, once you have given all these then we will look up your existing logo and after your approval, we will start work to print and publish it.

  19. Do you make design logo and website for a products, titles, or names?
  20. Yes, we offer services of any type graphic individuality.

  21. Why does the color look different when I print it?
  22. For the best match you have to adjust your printer with the screen on which you see the work. This is because your own printer does not use exact colors.

  23. What software do you use to create Website/logo designs?
  24. The experts of BDG use different software applications for both the services. Mostly we use all new versions of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash and other softwares if needed.

  25. Will you design a background for my logo?
  26. Back ground is not the part of logo actually. But we will do that as well. Further more you have to charge us for this additional work.

  27. Do you design brochures?
  28. Right now BGD does not design broachers, but in future we will look over it.

  29. What if I don't like my any of initial logo designs?
  30. We will try to do variation in that design according to your request or demand.

  31. How do I contact BDG directly?
  32. See our contact us.

    Or you may directly at: